Science 8                                                                               Name:

Computer Lab: Earthquakes and Volcanoes                     Period:


1.    Click on  Read entire introduction on page 1.  At the end of the page, choose a location and then record your results on letters a-g below.  Use the numbers at the top of the keyboard (not the keypad). Tell what region you chose and the magnitude of the earthquake you measured.  You can print the certificate at the end if the printer is connected. 


a)    Choice of Location ___________________

b)    Times from seismograms _____, _____, ______

c)    Distances from graph _______, ________, ________

d)    How did you rate?  (Good or what, if you get an Oops then use the back button to redo, ask for help from the teacher or classmate if necessary)___________________

e)    Amplitudes from seismograms ______, ________, ________

f)      What value did you get for the magnitude? ______

g)    Print out your certificate. You may need to log in.  Remember to log out.


2.    Click on Click on symbols to find out about the events. If there are no earthquakes listed, try

a)    List 2 of the most recent earthquakes below and give the required information.




Effects on People












b) List and describe any two other recent events shown on the map.




3.    Click on 


a)    When were the last 2 earthquakes in SC and how strong were they?


b)    Have there been any earthquakes in Pickens County?  If so, when and how strong were they?



4.    Click on and explore it to learn about volcanoes.

a)    List the links you visited from Volcano World.  Describe some items you found interesting.


Location or Topic

What's cool about it?